My goal is to make you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful inside and out. With my experience and knowledge I provide makeup, microblading & brow shaping/waxing services where I will extend my knowledge allowing you to learn and become your own artist. 

- Rachelle Llanes                                                

Rachelle at the MAC Mission Mall was outstanding! I am intimidated by makeup & she made the experience not only pleasant, but fun! As for my friend, who is currently going through chemotherapy, her needs were highly specific & her confidence was a little shaken. Rachelle was supportive and listened, really listened. I personally was not a MAC user before today, but Rachelle’s knowledge, personality, and warmth makes me want to return. Thank you for acknowledging her. She deserves it!
— Gina
I found Rachelle thanks to powers of Yelp and Instagram. And this is why I feel the need to give my honest review in hopes of inspiring you to contact her for your makeup needs. After being amazed by her work on her social media sites, I took the chance to find out her rates and availability by contacting her through yelp and she got back to me so quick! I’m happy to say her rate is very reasonable for not only her professionalism, experience, and the amazing quality of her work, but she truly is the complete package with how she really listens to your wants, shares her own recommendations, and all while being so easy to talk to.
She did my makeup for a work event, because I had some eye bags and random acne breakouts going on and I needed help getting that under control. Not only did she cover up everything without feeling caked on, she managed to add the right amount of contour, while doing magic on my eyebrows. I’m usually hesitant when people do my eyebrows because they somehow make it look so heavy and too noticeable, but Rachelle truly knew how to compliment my face. I now see how the eyebrows really bring the whole look together.
Sorry such a long review, but I truly recommend you reach out to Rachelle. She is first on my list for when I want to get my makeup done again for another event or to finally take a professional headshot. Check out her Instagram and website if you need more convincing! Trust me you won’t regret working with her!
— Casey R.

What can I say except that Rachelle came to slay? And slay my guy brows she did! Right of the bat, due to my nerves, I blabbed her ear off! But she calmed any trepidations and we quickly established a trust. She promised to give me the most natural and confident guy brows in all the land. Did she deliver? Oh yes she did. Part therapist, part new friendship, it’s a huge deal to feel comfortable with someone during such an intimate procedure. I mean, it’s my money maker! So if you don’t know, now you know...Rachelle is a beauty and talent both on the inside & out; only matched by her technical craft! (Side note: I got invited to her you know it was a good time!)
— Scotch C.
Absolutely amazing! I was referred by friends and followed Rachelle on social media to scope out her before and afters before booking an appt. She took extra care and time to tailor to my natural brows and intuitively filled in on all the spots that I typically need to pencil in. She was very gentle and thorough and I highly recommend her for all your eyebrow and make up needs! She did manual ombré shading with microblading and I can’t wait for my brows to heal to see the final result.
— Linda P.
This is so overdue! Let me start by saying that everything Rachelle does/touches turns into a work of art! I am very happy to have found her, as she continues to bring my eyebrows back to life :) ... Rachelle takes into consideration what I want and what works best for me. She explains what it is she is doing to my eyebrows and why she is doing it, her attention to detail is magnificent, a true professional!
— Laura P.
Ladies, we owe it to ourselves to fill our days with self love, and that means looking our best in order to feel our best.

Let Rachelle help you. She has guided me from grooming and care of my eyebrows to makeup tutorials. No question pertaining to beauty is a silly question to her, and she will guide you to feel and look like your optimum self. I’m going in for microblading next week to complete my polished eyebrow look that she helped mold— And I have to admican’t wait. Thank you, Rachelle!

My eyebrows are just perfection after my microblading procedure. Rachelle is on point with her artistry and sculpting a shape to your liking. I couldn’t be happier with my choice to get my eyebrows done. Just, wow.
— Christina G.
Proud to be selected as a GWS Preferred Wedding Artist!