And now it's March...

I just laugh at myself when I say, "I'll keep posting more." Who am I kidding? Even though I feel like I'm almost unemployed (not a lot of hours at work) I still feel like my days are jampacked with "to-dos", recording & editing. I'm basically a full-time Beauty Influencer/Vlogger. It's been a rough year rolling through from last year being financially unstable. And I absolutely love doing makeup and working with people but sometimes retail can be a bit draining. Some days I daydream of working full-time and being able to survive, most days.. I wish to really become successful in this industry. Oh what the future holds. 

Since my last post, I think I've posted about 1,2,3 maybe 6 videos? Haha. Go check them out! It's hard to keep up with blogging on here let alone, keeping up with all the social media platforms. 

I recently recorded/reviewed a Road Test for Ruby 71 on Crystalized Lips! Stay tuned!!!