And now it's March...

I just laugh at myself when I say, "I'll keep posting more." Who am I kidding? Even though I feel like I'm almost unemployed (not a lot of hours at work) I still feel like my days are jampacked with "to-dos", recording & editing. I'm basically a full-time Beauty Influencer/Vlogger. It's been a rough year rolling through from last year being financially unstable. And I absolutely love doing makeup and working with people but sometimes retail can be a bit draining. Some days I daydream of working full-time and being able to survive, most days.. I wish to really become successful in this industry. Oh what the future holds. 

Since my last post, I think I've posted about 1,2,3 maybe 6 videos? Haha. Go check them out! It's hard to keep up with blogging on here let alone, keeping up with all the social media platforms. 

I recently recorded/reviewed a Road Test for Ruby 71 on Crystalized Lips! Stay tuned!!! 

Is it really February 2016 already?

I can't believe how time is flying by. I know I mentioned I'd be more active on here from December, but I've been so busy making videos for ya'll! So if you haven't done so, subscribe to my YouTube channel (link is up above)! I also attended my first IMATS and Gen Beauty this year and I had such an amazing time. I left both events feeling so inspired and motivated. I also decided to chop my damaged blonde hair off because Sean kept telling me how flat the back of my head looks LOL. I started somewhat working out, thanks to one of my bff's Rochelle who is now a Personal Trainer. I can't wait to share with you all our little video! I also hosted my very first makeup and skincare class with Erin Ortiz, a dear friend of mine. We had such a great outcome and I can't wait to share that video with you too! See how crazy it's been? It's been a whirlwind and my videos are starting to pile up waiting to be edited. I promise I will "try" to update this more often.. haha. xo